Cookbooks by Rose Reynolds

Try to make our delicious soups at home!

Bring the taste of The American Hotel home with you. Get the cookbooks by Rose Reynolds! Call the hotel to order yours today! (585) 624-9464‎

Each cookbook is $24 TOTAL (includes tax and $4 shipping).

Never Enough Thyme
Never Enough Thyme

Hold the Chicken and Make it Pea
Hold the Chicken & Make it Pea

You and the Horse You Rode In On
You & the Horse You Rode In On

Love my new cookbook and all great stories…

Julie Bowker

Love our copy – it was a great Christmas gift from my parents!! Thanks!

Terry Wenzel

(Re: Hold the Chicken and make it PEA)

Can’t wait Rose… I love ‘Not Enough Thyme”…some of those recipes I can still remember by heart…but some not. I still cannot make cookies even though you made me keep trying!

Mary Zona

(Re: Hold the Chicken and make it PEA)

So excited… Cookbook is not the same as visiting the hotel, but it us good for me as I moved to WA and I don’t get to the hotel very often anymore…

Elizabeth Crowley